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Christmas memory book

Christmas memory book

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The Christmas Memory Book is a magical album that allows you to preserve and share your best Christmas memories over the years in a wonderful way. This album is like a magical treasure chest where you will store precious family stories full of joy and love that you experience during the Christmas holidays. Every year you will be able to fill new pages in the album and insert photos that show your Christmas atmosphere, decorated tree and family gatherings. Each photo will thus revive the memory and add a very special touch to the memory book.

On each page, you will be able to record the gifts you exchanged that year and the occasions when you gathered around a table full of delicious Christmas dishes. Through the years, you will be able to flip through this album and go back to the time when your children were still looking forward to Santa Claus, when you made snowmen together and warmed yourself by the warm fire. The album will help you keep those memories alive and share them with future generations as it becomes a treasured family memory.

A Christmas keepsake book is the perfect gift for families or couples who appreciate Christmas traditions and want to preserve a lasting memory of magical Christmas moments.

Surrender to the magic of Christmas and start creating your own story that will last for years.

Durable Quality : Our album is made of durable materials that will keep your memories intact over the years.

The album is entirely designed and produced in Slovenia.


  • the book is designed to store more than 45 years of Christmas moments
  • covers: velvet
  • book dimensions: 28 x 20 cm
  • number of pages: 96
  • sheet weight: 120g
  • title in gilding technique

How do you store the album?

  • do not expose it to direct sunlight
  • keep it in dry, non-moist places
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